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At BrandTec we specialise in turning small businesses into big brands.

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Our Revolutionary Dynamic Websites

BrandTec websites are based on Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 - the most powerful mobile first framework.
Innovative Ideas
Creative and intelligent solutions

Fast design and build turn-around. At BrandTec we employ the latest SEO techniques into all our designs for a powerful, fast and friendly user experience.

Retina Ready
High resolution screens friendly

Our websites are so fast and streamlined that we are able to upload high-resolution images without it affecting their speed, making them look stunning on mobile devices and desktops.

Totally Responsive
Suits well all devices and screen sizes

At BrandTec all our websites are dynamic.  No matter what device your customers use to visit you, they will have a fluid experience.

Sharp Solutions
Elaborated code and trendy design

We have streamlined the code we use in our websites so that they are up to date with all the latest search engine protocols.

  • Built With Best SEO Practises

    At BrandTec, we build our mobile-ready websites using the best SEO practises so that as well as looking good, our websites will index faster.  

  • Social Media Integration

    It is extremely important for your customers to be able to get in touch with you in a way that suits them, that's why we here at BrandTec ensure that all our websites have social media integration.

  • Super Fast Images

    One of the biggest ways that the majority of websites fail to reach their potential is due to large images.  At BrandTec, all the images we upload are optimised and stuffed with citation link building text in their meta data.

  • Stunning Design And Layout

    All our websites have one-page responsive designs which means your customers can get all the info they need on your business with a simple swipe of their finger. No more waiting for long loading times to get the information they need. Simply, swipe and go.

  • Awesome Reports

    By integrating Google Analytics code within your website, you will be able to find out EXACTLY where your customers are coming from and how long they stay on your site which in turn will enable you to understand your customers' needs better than ever.

One Price Fast Turnaround

No Hidden Costs | Fixed Price Website

Dynamic Mobile Ready Website

Get Your Business Online Today
only £300
More details
  • Dynamic Mobile-Friendly Website
  • Built With The Latest SEO Techniques
  • FREE Hosting For 2 Years
  • Social Media Integration
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Google Maps
  • Dynamic Image Slider
  • Contact Form
  • Hi-Definition Image Gallery
  • Professionally Designed Artwork
  • Optimized For Industry Keywords
  • * we will require 50% of the total fee up front, it is fully refundable.

Get Started Today And Watch Your Business Grow

Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 4 has been noted

Bootstrap has been noted as one of the most reliable and proven frameworks and BrandTec has been equipped to develop websites using this framework.


One of Bootstrap 4s big points

BrandTec websites are based on Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 - most powerful mobile first framework..  We design our websites to cater all visitors regardless of their device.

Web Fonts

Google has a highly exhaustive list of fonts

Google has a highly exhaustive list of fonts compiled into its web font platform and at BrandTec we exclusively use them to make sure that your website is optimized.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited visitors, same experience

We host all our websites on fast servers which means no matter how much traffic your website generates, you website will never struggle.

Some questions previous customers have asked...

You have as much input as you want.  Before you pay the final installment of £150 (we require 50% upfront) we will upload the site onto one of our client portals whereby you will inspect it thoroughly.  Any changes you want made, we will go away and make them.  The site will not go live until you are 100% happy.

We host your website for 2 years FREE.  Although there are no hidden costs, you will be required to pay £7.99 for your domain name.  That is a yearly fee that is not paid to us.  Every website needs a domain name and they have to be registered with an authorized domain registrar.  

Yes.  It is quite common for businesses to add new products / services after we have built their website.  To ensure that costs are kept to a minimum, any changes that are needed such as a new product or service, we charge £25.  If it is a complete site redesign however, then we will negotiate with you a fee per the requirements.  All payments for added extras will be required to be paid up front.

We charge £30 per year for hosting websites.  After your 2 year FREE hosting offer has expired you will be sent an invoice ONE month before the end date for £30 to ensure you have plenty of time to pay so that your website is not affected.

Luckily for you, we here at BrandTec specialise in web promotion.  We do offer many promotional packages which we can discuss with you when we are constructing your website?

Unfortunately due to the time it takes to design a quality logo for your business, logo design is not included with the price of the website.  We do provide a logo design service but that would be an extra cost.  However, you do not need a company logo in order for your website to go live.  We ensure that all the websites we design for businesses who don't have a traditional logo have stylish text-based logos with a corporate feel to them.  The majority of our clients do not have a logo on their website, preferring instead to opt for the stylish text-based logos we offer with the websites. 

Check Out Some Of The Features

Swipe Down To See Examples Of The Features Your Website Will Have

Dynamic Image Slider

Fully Functional Google Map Integration

High-Definition Image Gallery

Google Analytics

We install your own personal google analytics code into your website so that you can get extensive reports on all the visitors to your domain.

Add Tracking To Your Website | BrandTec Web Design

Dynamic Responsive Websites

Fully Responsive Mobile Ready Websites | BrandTec

Your customers will get the same exact experience no matter what device they use to visit your website.

The Birth Of BrandTec

We started BrandTec after selling an online blog to an American company back in 2010. Our blog was getting over 5 million views per month and attracted the attention of multiple investors.

After selling our blog we realized that we had, during the running and updating of the blog, naturally developed a skillset of promoting and designing web based portals.  We quickly realized we had developed a set of skills that all sized businesses would need.

Looking around the industry we found that the overwhelming majority of other web designers were setting astronomically high prices for online solutions such as websites, ecommerce sites, logo design and social media branding and felt that the entry point for a small business to get their brand online was way too high.

So, that’s why we came up with BrandTec; fast, realistically priced web solutions.

We decided to concentrate on 3 core values. Speed. Quality. Price.

We believe that although we have set a low price point, by delivering on our three main core values we can be confident of customer retention.

If you’re interested in taking your business online or, if you already have a website that is not performing in the way you expected it to, give us a call.

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We don't just create stunning responsive websites, we do other stuff too...


Ready To Sell Online?
£ 700
Selling online has never been so easy. We can get you selling online in no time.*
  • Dynamic Mobile Friendly Design
  • eBay Intergration
  • Designed With Ease Of Use In Mind


Want To Get More Visitors?
£ 150monthly
Now you have got your website, you have to let potential customers know where you are.**
  • 10 Image Ads
  • 10 Tex Ads
  • 10 Classified Ads


Need Researched Articles?
£ 25per article
Creating keyword-rich articles is a powerful way to attract potential customers.
  • At least 800 words
  • Extensively Researched
  • Keyword Optimized


Get A Video And Go Viral
£ 250
A professional video about your company / product is essential to get customers.
  • 1 x 30 Second Video
  • 1 x 60 Second Video
  • Upload To All Major Sites

* please note, there is a monthly fee for the ecommerce package as we work with ecommerce industry leader Shopify which hosts the websites.  We make sure your website theme is designed to a high standard while ensuring it intergrates with eBay and various other shopping and social channels.

** the web promotion is a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time.  You pay for the month ahead.  There are no penalties for ending your subscription. 



Believe In Your Business Before Someone Else Does.

The sharks are circling as we speak

Sometimes, you can lose faith in your business, it happens to every business owner at some stage.  But, what you don't realise is that there is somebody out there who is watching everything you do and just waiting to take your customers away,


Why Your Website Has To Be Ready For Mobile

Ignore mobile and lose customers.  Simple really...

Mobile phone users account for more web traffic than any other demographic which is why it is more important than ever to make sure your website is mobile-friendly.  If you ignore the importance of mobile traffic your website is doomed.


The Benefits Of Embracing Ignorance When Chasing Online Success

Who would have thought being dumb was the smart move?

When it comes to the internet; three words will help you more than ever and they are "I don't know."  By embracing ingnorance when it comes to your website you will be able to stay one step ahead of every major change instead of playing catch up.