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Be Seen

Over 50% of small businesses don't have a website. Stand out from your competitors with a fast mobile responsive website. If you are not online, your customers won't find you.

Dynamic Websites

You need a website that is as efficient as your company.  Our Swipe And Go websites are fast , look stunning and are designed to look as good on mobiles as desktops.

Social Connections

As well as building your website, we will set you up on all the major social media channels with professional branding connecting you with more customers than you thought possible.

We Are Family

When you join the BrandTec Family, we will always be there for you. We don't build and walk away. We provide FREE after-sale support and advice and are only ever a phone call away.

BrandTec Web Design | Websites For Only £199

absolutely no hidden costs

At BrandTec Web Design we believe in transparency that's why when you have a website designed by us, you will never be hit with any additional costs.

Swipe And Go

Fast, responsive layout designed for ease of use

Is it good for me?

Perfect for promoting small business

Looks Amazing

Desktop or mobile, your website will look amazing

Why do I need a website?

More and more consumers use the internet to search for products and services. Your business will gain credibility by having a website. Without one, potential customers will go to your competitors that do have a website. Having it professionally designed will inspire confidence.

Do I really need to be on social media? 

You really need to be on social media and be able to interact with your customers wherever and whenever they want to meet you. A social media presence helps build brand awareness and allows your customers to contact you in a way that is convenient for them to do so.

What  a website should do

BrandTec Web Design | Websites For Only £199

Touch Technology

Our websites are designed so that your customers can interact with your business quickly.

BrandTec Web Design | Websites For Only £199

Social Intergration

All of our websites are intergrated into your social media channels making it simple to connect with your customers.

absolutely no hidden costs

At BrandTec Web Design we believe in transparency that's why when you have a website designed by us, you will never be hit with any additional costs.

BrandTec Web Design | Websites For Only £199

Your website only has 30 seconds to turn a visitor into a customer. Your website design should be about speed. It has to be fast to load and quick to convert.
BrandTec websites are designed to get your customers onto the social media platform of their choice.
Websites are now internet anchor points.
They are there to direct your customers to your social media profiles.
Your customers want to interact with you in real time in a place where they are comfortable.
As a small business owner, you need to be on social media.
Your customers are looking for more than just information, they want interaction.
They want communication.
They want to reach you.
A BrandTec Swipe and Go website will connect you with your customers wherever they are.
Be real. Be visible. Be ready.

Here's what you get...

Buisness Websites

£199that's it!
No Hidden Costs
  • Mobile Responsive Website 
  • Social Media Set-Up And Intergration 
  • FREE Domain Name
  • FREE 12 Month Hosting
  • 250 FREE Business Cards
  • 5 Internet Ready Adverts
  • Unbelievable Post-Sale Support
  • Bi-Monthly Newsletters Full Of Tips

How much say do I have in the design of my website?

You have as much input as you want. Before you pay the final installment of £199 (we require 50% upfront) we will upload the site onto one of our client portals whereby you will inspect it thoroughly. Any changes you want made, we will go away and make them. The site will not go live until you are 100% happy.

You say there are no hidden costs, what about hosting?

We host your website for 2 years FREE. Although there are no hidden costs, you will be required to pay £7.99 for your domain name. That is a yearly fee that is not paid to us. Every website needs a domain name and they have to be registered with an authorized domain registrar.  

I am a new business and I don't have a logo, is a logo included with the web design price?

Unfortunately due to the time it takes to design a quality logo for your business, logo design is not included with the price of the website. We do provide a logo design service but that would be an extra cost. However, you do not need a company logo in order for your website to go live. We ensure that all the websites we design for businesses who don't have a traditional logo have stylish text-based logos with a corporate feel to them. The majority of our clients do not have a logo on their website, preferring instead to opt for the stylish text-based logos we offer with the websites. 

What's included in the FREE Business Bundle?

We've got loads of great FREE stuff that every client gets. Not only do you get an amazing fully-responsive websites, you get 250 custom designed business cards. A pack of A4 ready custom designed letterheads templates. FREE domain name. FREE Hosting. FREE Glossy 'How To Grow Your Business online' magazine. FREE Facebook Business Page Set-up and Design. FREE LinkedIn Profile Design. FREE Twitter For Business Set-Up and Design.

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Why You Should Choose BrandTec


We do not hide behind any paywalls after we have built your website. We will continue to offer support and advice for as long as we host your website. We will be there for you.


No other web design company sets you up on social media for free. We do. Social media is where you will do most of your business online and we make sure you will be ready to convert your visitors into customers wherever they find you.


When your website goes live, you will be ready to spread your message. We design professional adverts for you to distribute throughout the internet. It's all part of the price.


Your website does not go live until you are 100% happy with it. We don't care how long it takes, your happiness is more important to us than the sale.

At BrandTec Web Design we believe in transparency that's why when you have a website designed by us, you will never be hit with any additional costs.

BrandTec Web Design | Websites For Only £199

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